Our Hydraulic Power Pack units and electric hydraulic power pack are ideal for machine tools or integrated hydraulic systems, for distinct industrial applications.

Salient Features

Power pack units in accordance to customer’s flow and pressure requirements.
Accessories used in our power pack units with international standards.
Oil tank of box type construction (totally close), equipped with oil filter, air-breather, oil level, indicator, cleaning windows drain plug etc.
Manifold type circuit to minimize intricate  piping structure.
A combination of high and low pressure pumps for high efficiency of the system.
Step less variation of speed and pressure.
Optional cooler attachment for oil cooling.


Typical Applications

  1. Aerial Platforms
  2. Car Hoists
  3. Compactors
  4. Dock Levelers
  5. Exercise Equipment
  6. Factory Automation
  7. Parking Systems
  8. Scissors Lifts
  9. Security Gates